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Our Story

In 1977, Al and Vickie Casas started a professional cleaning company, Bobcat Carpet & Fabric Care in Los Angeles, with a focus on cleaning, protection, and restoration of fine textiles. For 40 years, the company grew to be the premier textile cleaning and treatment company in Southern California.

Developing All-Gone

Al developed All-Gone in response to our clients' needs for a safe and effective carpet & fabric spotter that could be used to treat and remove stains between professional cleanings.

At the time, there was nothing on the market that we could recommend to our clients that was safe for all materials, was an effective spot remover, and didn’t cause re-soiling in the areas it was used.


All-Gone Carpet & Fabric Spotter Ingredient List

SDS Sheet All-Gone Carpet-Fabric Spotter 16 Section Form

Mark B.

Valley Village, CA

I've used all of the spot removers at grocery stores and various retail outlets. I find nothing that compares to this formula. Works Great!

Judith W.

Marina Del Rey, CA

Have used All Gone for many years. I have off white carpeting and sofa. It works not only on carpeting but chairs and sofas as well.

Elize W.

West Hollywood, CA

It works! I often use it in the weekly cleaning of my home. It saves time and money.

Alan T.

Lake Balboa Ca.

Wonderful Cleaning Compound!!

Meaghan R.

Santa Monica Ca.

I’ve been using All Gone since 1990 Works Great on carpet and furniture.
Terrific Product every household should have on hand.

Lisseth M.

Los Angeles Ca.

Has an amazing effect on carpet stains. I’ve used it for years now and I am very satisfied.
Definitely recommend it.